5 Postures to Relieve Pain and Promote Flexibility

Are you struggling with neck and shoulder pain? Maybe it’s time to incorporate some simple postures into your daily routine. These postures can help stretch and increase flexibility, reducing discomfort and preventing degeneration. In this article, we will explore five postures that target the neck and shoulders, allowing you to find relief and improve your overall well-being.

Turn Your Neck Front and Back

This first posture focuses on stretching the neck muscles and promoting relaxation.


  • Sit with your back straight and comfortable on the floor, allowing your shoulders to relax and your hands to rest on your knees.
  • Bend your head so that your chin touches the hollow of your neck.
  • Slowly bring your head to your right shoulder, lean back, round to your left shoulder, and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this movement for five rounds, reversing the direction.

Note: For maximum neck muscle stretch, tilt your head all the way to the right and left, remembering to relax your shoulders.

Folded Sitting Posture

The folded sitting posture not only stretches various muscles but also has a positive impact on multiple organs, reducing stress and relieving neck and shoulder pain.


  • Sit with your back straight on the floor, extending your legs forward. Your feet can touch each other or be slightly apart, with your toes pointing towards your torso.
  • Take a deep breath and raise your arms above your head. Lower your hands and reach for your toes.
  • Slowly bend forward, aiming to bring your abdomen close to your upper thighs. This deep forward bend stretches your spine, chest, and neck towards your knees. If possible, bring your forehead and nose to your shin bones.

Note: If you feel that your hamstring muscles are being strained too much during this pose, slightly bend your knees to make it easier.

Warrior Pose 2

Warrior Pose 2, named after the mythical warrior Veerabhadra, focusses on stretching and opening the chest, hip joints, and shoulders, while preventing degeneration in the neck and shoulders.


  • Stand straight on the floor with your feet spread wide, approximately 90cm apart.
  • Turn your right foot forward and rotate your left foot 15 degrees, aligning the front heel of your right foot with the middle of your back foot.
  • Slowly bend your right knee to a 90-degree angle, ensuring that your knee aligns with your ankle.
  • Extend your arms to the side, parallel to the floor, with your palms facing down. Let your eyes follow your right hand.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

Note: Avoid performing this pose if you have high blood pressure or diarrhea. If you have joint or knee issues, consider using a knee support device.

Cat Pose

The cat pose stretches the neck and shoulder muscles, promotes slow, deep breathing, and contributes to the development of abdominal muscles.


  • Start in a four-legged kneeling position, with your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart and your knees hip-width apart.
  • Slowly lower your head until your chin approaches your chest.
  • Hump your back up, mimicking the rounded shape of a cat’s back.
  • Breathe evenly and hold this pose for at least 8 seconds.

Twisting Posture

This twisting posture targets the spine, shoulders, and hips, contributing to improved flexibility in those areas.


  • Sit with your back straight on the floor, bringing your right foot to the outside of your left hip. Bend your left knee and cross it over your right leg, so your left foot faces the floor on the outside of your right thigh.
  • Lengthen your spine and twist your upper body to the left.
  • Place your left hand on the floor behind your right buttock.
  • Bring your right elbow to the outside of your left knee.
  • Turn your head to look at a point behind you.
  • Hold this pose for 1 minute before switching sides.

Remember, while these postures can bring relief, severe pain should always be addressed by a medical professional. Incorporating these postures into your routine, along with lifestyle changes, can improve your symptoms. So go ahead and stretch your way to a pain-free neck, shoulders, and back!


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